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Hundreds of democracy projects threatened with extinction on January 1, 2024

Photo of the lettering Democracy: The letters formed from ice, the M loves broken next to it, so that you can read: "DE OKRATIE"

Press release by the Federal Working Group for the Development of Democracy The failure to adopt the 2024 budget and the current block on future expenditure threaten the existence of the democracy projects that have been painstakingly built up over 20 years. If a solution is not found by Christmas at the latest, competence networks, advice centers and model projects will have to cease their work at the turn of the year. Counseling services for victims of right-wing violence and for [...]

Difficulties with memory

Black and white portrait of Anne Frank: young girl with black shoulder-length hair, smiling at the camera

The desire to change the name of the "Anne Frank" daycare center in Tangerhütte is (not only) a wrong signal in a time of rising anti-Semitism. Right now, we need a high level of sensitivity to the impact of such symbolic renaming and a historical awareness. In the debate about the renaming, voices are now being raised that question the motivation [...]

"Traffic Jam - Here We Go". A cinematic contemporary document about the extreme right

At the latest with the hashtag #Baseballschlägerjahre, the racist riots and right-wing attacks of the 1990s are on everyone's lips. One of the better-known contemporary approaches is the film documentary "Stau" by director Thomas Heise, who focused on right-wing extremist activists at the time. On November 2, 2023 we will show in the at 7 pm in the Puschkino Halle (Saale) [...]

We stand by the side of Jews.

Burning tea light with star of David from black background

The large-scale attack by Islamist terrorist organizations once again highlights the murderous dimension of anti-Semitism worldwide. Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends. Our solidarity is with the people of Israel. We stand by the side of Jews whose safety is also at risk in Germany. Against all anti-Semitism. In Israel, in Germany, everywhere. Today and [...]

Play with whatever you want!

Gender Reflective Pedagogy and Right-Wing Extremism Prevention The category of gender and the associated notion of "true" men and "true" women is elementary in right-wing extremism. It provides an ordering and orienting function in the construct of the "German national community." These gender images, which are understood as naturally given, play a central role in right-wing extremist child-rearing. The stereotypical role attributions promise clarity and can be [...]

Tacheles with Simson through the Altmark

For more than a millennium, Jewish tradition has belonged to the part of Germany that is now called Saxony-Anhalt. Jewish communities exist today only in the three large cities, but traces of the tradition are also visible elsewhere, especially in the Altmark region, where there are still so many synagogues. Let's talk turkey: Our language is [...]

In memory and solidarity: A memorial walk in Halle

In memory of Jana Lange and Kevin Schwarze and in solidarity with their relatives, the survivors and the victims of the attack and the Jewish community of Halle (Saale) invites the Alliance Halle against the Right to a tour on October 9. In the fourth year after the attack, the aim is to remember and [...]

remember - fight - change. self-determined and in solidarity.

Street in Halle (Saale). In the foreground a set up banner: Against a green background the white inscription: "remember fight change self-determined and in solidarity".

The solo group 9 October invites on Monday, October 9, from 5 to 7 pm to a rally for a beautiful society in front of the TEKİEZ (Ludwig-Wucherer-Str. 1 in Halle (Saale). In memory of Jana Lange and Kevin Schwarze. In solidarity with their relatives and friends as well as with all survivors of the anti-Semitic, racist and anti-feminist [...]

Inclusive memorial work. New episode of our podcast released

Episode 14 of our #educationalhappen presents inclusive approaches to historical education. We talk to Martina Kracht. She is a special education teacher and currently works at the Osthofen Concentration Camp Memorial. We ask how memorial and remembrance work offerings can be designed for people with special needs. This episode of the podcast was created as part of our model project Landheld*innen. [...]