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Actionbound for the day of civil courage
Chalk painting action display


Cover Actionbound Civic CourageTo the nationwide Action week for civil courage publishes the Network Office Democratic Magdeburg a Actionbound on the topic of "Civil Courage in Magdeburg.

With the help of the "Actionbound" app, people can now independently explore interesting facts about moral courage in Magdeburg's past and present in a city rally. On a path of about 4.5 km, users learn what moral courage is and what hurdles must be overcome in order to intervene with civil courage. There are also tips and hints.

The path is completely in public space, so that the Bound can be played regardless of opening hours. It starts at Willy-Brandt-Platz and ends at the stop "Opernhaus".

This is the fourth time that Miteinander e.V., together with cooperation partners, has participated in the nationwide Action Days for Civil Courage, which are held annually on September 19. Two years ago, an " miteinanderaktuell " was published on the topic under the title "Mutig sein kann man lernen" ("You can learn to be brave"), and now the contents can be experienced in a playful way on a path through the city.