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A DVD for school lessons

The DVD is a result of the project Geschichte(n) Würde(n) Leben (History(s) Dignity(s) of Life), which Miteinander e.V. carried out in the Burgenlandkreis from January 2011 to March 2012. It was funded by the Foundation "Remembrance Responsibility Future" in the program "Educating People Rights". Young people independently dealt with the history and stories of National Socialism in their region and the work of human rights defenders.

Together with the youth theater group "Karambolage" in Zeitz, a play was created using original documents and letters, among other things. Students from the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences helped with the documentary reappraisal focusing on a contemporary treatment of the history of the former concentration camp "Wille" in Rehmsdorf.

The shortened version of the theater performance is designed in two parts as material for the classroom. Part 1 shows the fate of a Jewish doctor in Zeitz. Content of part 2 are the memories of two former prisoners of the concentration camp "Wille" and the trial of the former concentration camp director. Bonus material includes unedited scenes for more in-depth further work.

The DVD can be ordered at the following address:

Miteinander e. V.
Erich-Weinert-Strasse 30
39104 Magdeburg

We charge a flat shipping fee of:3,- € for one to seven copies
6,- € for eight to fifteen copies. For shipping costs for larger quantities, please contact the office.