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"Landheld*innen: For a Democratic Everyday Culture in the Neighborhood" supports (social) educational professionals in recognizing radicalization tendencies among youth and young adults. The model project works on issues such as hostility to democracy and group-based hostility to people. Individual concepts are developed with the participants and implemented locally in the respective institutions with preventive measures.

Short concept

The aim is to use secondary prevention measures to promote critical engagement with anti-democratic and inhuman content. Professionals are enabled to recognize and intervene in radicalization processes of adolescents and young adults in the phenomenon area of right-wing extremism. Discourses on democratic values, the validity of human rights and the foundations of society play a central role in the model project. It aims to tie in with current debates and work in rural areas (Altmark/northern Saxony-Anhalt), including with radicalizing youth and young adults.

"Landheld*innen" focuses on the participatory development of approaches, methods and options for action for rural areas with their special needs. The project focuses on the following four pillars:

  1. Reactivate basic democratic consensus: Examination of democratic and human rights-oriented values, their origins and their significance for each individual and for social coexistence.
  2. Establish alternative offers: Development and implementation of own project ideas by the participating young people, allowing experience of (democratic) co-determination, participation and self-efficacy (accompanied peer-to-peer approach).
  3. Experiencing controversial debates as democratic practice: Developing an exchange platform to promote reflection and establish a democratic culture of debate among the youth and young adults involved (networking and shaping discourse in rural areas).
  4. Sustainable qualification: Development of training formats and qualification offers for professionals in the social space for the transfer and dissemination of the approaches.

Offer for (social) educational professionals

In their work with youth and young adults, professionals should be supported, accompanied, sensitized and sustainably qualified within the framework of extremism prevention - in order to further strengthen their own competence to act.

  • Recognition. The aim is to turn a bad "gut feeling" about visible radicalization tendencies accompanied by anti-democratic and discriminatory moments in the work with youth and young adults into confidence in recognizing, assessing and intervening.
  • Evaluate. Formats individually tailored to need and occasion are designed to expand professional action skills in everyday pedagogical life.
  • Intervening. Practical, life-world and human rights-oriented interventions are prepared on a theoretically sound basis and tested together.

Principles of work

The services offered by the model project are geared to the needs of the target groups and local actors. From a broad spectrum of topics and methods, options for action are developed that are tailored to the specific problem situations. The focus here is primarily on reflecting on one's own patterns of attitude and action. The educational work of the model project is human rights-oriented, confidential and independent.

Further information can be found on the project homepage.


Landheld*innen: For a democratic everyday culture in the neighborhood
Miteinander e. V. - Regionales Zentrum Nord
Chüdenstraße 4
29410 Salzwedel


Tel.: (03901) 306430

"Landheld*innen" is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as part of the federal program "Demokratie leben!" and with funds from the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Equality of the State of Saxony-Anhalt as part of the state program for democracy, diversity and cosmopolitanism.

Sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth
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