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#educationhacks. Episode 10: Antifeminism
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Why antifeminism and right-wing extremism need to be discussed together

Anti-feminism is a central ideological element of the extreme right, which also drove the right-wing terrorist of the October 9 attack in Halle. Episode 10 of our podcast is dedicated to the connections between antifeminism and right-wing extremism. To this end, we spoke with our speaker Lena Lehmann from the Competence Center Parents and Right-Wing Extremism. Among other things, we explain why the extreme right has a problem with emancipated women and provide information about the various anti-feminist currents. Currently, the feminist movement has also been repeatedly attacked by people who see themselves as such, but openly express anti-LGBTQI+ and racist views. We also refer to this: solidarity between feminists with often different readings and explanations is needed. And it is necessary to think anti-racism, anti-fascism and feminism together.