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Policy Paper on the Bundestag Election: No reason to sound the all-clear - civil society remains challenged
Cover page of the BMB policy paper for the federal election


Press release of our Federal Association Mobile Consulting

Right-wing and far-right parties suffered losses in the Bundestag elections. However, this is no reason to sound the all-clear, writes the Federal Association of Mobile Counseling (BMB) in a new policy paper. On the contrary, democratic civil society will continue to be challenged in the next four years.

The paper is based on the analyses of mobile counseling teams against right-wing extremism in all 16 federal states. They show: In many places, the AfD can draw on a stable base of core voters - and not only in the east. It will be able to expand its apparatus of functionaries and further professionalize itself. And it could receive funds from the federal budget to finance the "Desiderius Erasmus Foundation," which has close ties to it - presumably in the millions.

For democratic civil society, this means one thing above all: four more years of pressure from the right, four more years of hostility and parliamentary inquiries. "Compared to 2017, the committed are more experienced in dealing with the AfD," says Heiko Klare, spokesman for the BMB. "But there are still great uncertainties. We feel this in our daily work: the need for advice is high and is likely to increase further, especially on how to deal with conspiracy myths."

In order to be able to meet this need, the mobile counseling teams need financial security. The next federal government must therefore introduce a Democracy Promotion Act as soon as possible, the association demands. However, everyone is called upon to deal with right-wing discourse on a daily basis: "Above all, people in key positions - whether politicians or superiors - must take a stand against right-wing hostility," says Klare. "This strengthens the backs of those affected and supports all those whom we advise on the ground and who work for democracy on a daily basis."

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