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Together for a democratic society of the many!
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Logo of the Alliance Indivisible Saxony-AnhaltIn the run-up to the state parliamentary elections on June 6, the civil society alliance #indivisible Saxony-Anhalt a campaign to stand up for a democratic, solidary and diverse society. As Miteinander e.V. we support the call to action and demonstration of the network. The campaign will start on Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 1 p.m. at the Domplatz in Magdeburg with a Kick-off rally opened

For a democratic and open society - solidarity instead of exclusion!

Let us come together for a democratic and open society of the many and diversity!

In view of the upcoming state elections in Saxony-Anhalt, we are all asked to oppose racism and contempt for humanity and the threat of government influence by the extreme right. We will not allow the welfare state, flight and migration to be played off against each other! The strengthening of extreme right-wing groups, the entry of the AfD into the state parliament and the increase in right-wing mobilizations have fueled right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and anti-Roma violence, strengthened anti-feminism and prepared the ground for the right-wing terrorist attack in Halle. We will not allow this development to continue!

Not with us - we stand against it!

A pandemic has been shaping our daily lives for a year now. Tens of thousands of people have died from the Corona virus in Germany alone. The pandemic affects us all, but by no means everyone equally: while some enrich themselves, countless fear for their existence. In paid and unpaid care work, in system-relevant professions and often in precarious employment, women with and without a migration history in particular bear the brunt of the crisis. At the same time, the inhumane situation of refugees at the EU's external borders continues. Like a burning glass, the crisis exacerbates problems that already existed before.
Together for a democratic society of the many!

As the alliance #indivisible Saxony-Anhalt we join together and demand solidary answers to the Corona crisis and its consequences, to the growing inequality, climate crisis and contempt for people! Only together we can change the political balance of power. We stand up for a society in which human rights are indivisible and diverse and self-determined lifestyles are a matter of course - in Saxony-Anhalt and everywhere.

  • For a good life for all people, without exception!
  • For a world of human rights, peace and social justice!
  • For a fair provision of general interest for all!
  • For a social solidarity against racism, anti-Semitism, Muslimophobia, anti-Romaism, sexism and right-wing terrorism!
  • For a social antifascism - no cooperation with the extreme right!
  • For a gender equitable society!
  • For the right to protection and asylum - against the isolation of Europe!
  • For climate justice and a future worth living for all!

We are a broad civil society alliance - we unite different political views. This diversity is our strength, solidarity is our power! We are the Solidary East: Together with #indivisible Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Alliance Solidary Thuringia and our friends from Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin, we join forces and put the solidary society on the offensive.

Join us: For a democratic and open society - solidarity instead of exclusion!

On April 10, 2021, we want to come together in Magdeburg and raise our voices together for diversity, solidarity and democracy! For us it is clear: The extreme right must not be allowed to influence the formation of the government in any form, it must be pushed back. Therefore, we draw the red line together with all democrats on April 22 in Magdeburg! Together we will take to the streets on May 29 in Halle (Saale) for a democratic and open society. Join us: For solidarity instead of exclusion - together we are #indivisible!

All scheduled events will be held considerately and in accordance with current Corona regulations. Watch for current announcements.