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For a reform of the non-profit law


Since the ruling of the Federal Fiscal Court on the revocation of the non-profit status of Attac from January 2019 and the subsequent revocations of the youth center DemoZ in Ludwigsburg (Baden-Württemberg), Campact or the VVN-BdA, there has been great uncertainty among associations and initiatives that are active against right-wing extremism. At the core of the issue is the question of how much non-profit organizations may also engage in political activities without risking the loss of their non-profit status. For a long time, right-wing extremist actors in and outside parliaments have also used the issue of nonprofit status to attack and delegitimize disagreeable democracy projects. It is therefore all the more important to ensure legal certainty on the part of the legislature. We document here a letter with which more than 70 organizations, initiatives and individuals have addressed the finance ministries of the federal and state governments.