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Prison Slam. JA Raßnitz 2019
Prison Slam 2019


In spring 2019, in cooperation with the artist Jessy James LaFleur, we conducted the workshop "Spoken Words - Prison Slam" with young inmates at Raßnitz Prison, which we document in this brochure. The participants wrote their own texts, discussed them and developed them further with the spoken words artist. With aspects from the fields of rap, literature, Dada and poetry slam, the participants explored their own identity and approached hidden emotionality. The workshop, which lasted several weeks, also incorporated approaches to radicalization prevention from Miteinander e.V.. At the end of the workshop, the participants gave an impressive public performance of the texts they had written. Miteinander e.V. has been conducting regular workshops for detainees in prisons since 2004. The content and methodological approaches vary. Even though the individual workshops differ greatly in some respects, they are united by their specific approach: The focus is on the needs and resources of the participants and low-threshold access, which is usually achieved by setting the topics and using artistic and creative methods. These are combined with methods from political and human rights-oriented education.

Production and printing were supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as part of the federal program "Democracy Live!" and by funds from the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Integration of the State of Saxony-Anhalt as part of the "State Program for Democracy, Diversity and Cosmopolitanism".