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Strengthen the work against right-wing extremism - implement the Democracy Promotion Act!


Position paper of the Bundesverband Mobile Beratung e.V. on the Bundestag elections

Under the title "The situation is serious! Strengthening the work against right-wing extremism - implementing the Democracy Promotion Act!", the Federal Association of Mobile Counseling e.V. has published a position paper. Against the background of right-wing and racist acts of violence and the acceptance of right-wing populist discourses, the association calls for a reorientation of the promotion of engagement against right-wing extremism: "There is a need for a "Democracy Promotion Act" of the federal government, which defines the framework and basic structures, consolidates the commitment of the federal government and solves problems in the federal cooperation. [...] The concrete problems must be named in the process: it is about right-wing extremism, racism, anti-Semitism and other ideas of inequality."

It goes on to say: "Together with the counseling centers for victims of right-wing violence and anti-discrimination counseling, the mobile counseling teams form the central structure for supporting democratic actors on the ground. Therefore, the mobile counseling teams must be complementary to the aforementioned counseling structures part of a federal law and as such also explicitly designated. [...] The goal of the stabilization of mobile counseling within the framework of the Democracy Promotion Act must be the long-term and structural promotion of the counseling teams, regardless of the respective party-political constellations in the states.

The Federal Association of Mobile Consulting e.V.

Employees of mobile counseling teams against right-wing extremism (MBT) from all German states work together in various committees within the federal association. The work is based on the professional standards for "mobile counseling" developed by members of the association. Miteinander e.V. is a founding member of the association.