After the use of firearms by "Reichsbürger" in Reuden


"Reichsbürger" Adrian Ursache was supported by militant neo-Nazis

More and more frequently, "Reichsbürger" have close contacts to the militant neo-Nazi scene or are involved in their networks. For example, Adrian Ursache was supported by militant neo-Nazis from the Burgenland district on the day of the police eviction. "It is an alarm signal when right-wing extremist Reichsbürger arm themselves and take action against the police," said David Begrich, a staff member of the right-wing extremism unit at Miteinander e.V. in Magdeburg on Friday. "Here we are not just dealing with isolated followers of a confused ideology, but in parts with convinced neo-Nazis." Begrich added: "Overall, the activities of so-called Reichsbürger have increased significantly. This represents a serious challenge not only for state institutions."