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A project documentation

The brochure documents a one-year model project that Miteinander e.V. carried out in the Burgenland district in 2011. It was funded by the Foundation "Remembrance Responsibility Future" in the program "Educating People Rights".

Through the use of cultural and theater pedagogical methods in conjunction with political-historical work, a theoretical examination could be combined with practical activity. Young people independently dealt with the history and stories of National Socialism in their region and the work of human rights defenders.

In Hohenmölsen, the focus was on research work. Piece by piece, the history of a Jewish merchant family was researched far beyond the city limits and recorded in an exhibition. Together with the youth theater group "Karambolage" in Zeitz, a play was created using original documents and letters, among other things. Students from the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences helped with the documentary reappraisal with a focus on a contemporary treatment of the history of the former concentration camp "Wille" in Rehmsdorf.

The brochure provides insights into backgrounds, pedagogical approaches, different phases and individual methods. In addition, selected results and excerpts from original documents are presented. It is intended to provide suggestions for regionally oriented practical history work. Imitation and further research are expressly desired.