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In the spring of 2011, the international project "FRATT - Fighting Racism through Theatre" was launched as part of the European Union program "Fundamental rights and citizenship."

Together with the cooperation partners Giolli Cooperativa Sociale (Italy), Pa'tothom (Spain) and En'tract (France), the medium of theater is used to counter racism and other forms of group-based hostility towards people. Primarily interactive and dialogical theater approaches are used, which invite a critical reflection of reality.

In five sub-projects, different aspects of racism and discrimination are to be illuminated. Each of the partners therefore examines locally specific mechanisms of racism and exclusion using methods and exercises from the Theater of the Oppressed. Which exercises are well suited in which context? Which ones are not? What are the reactions in the audience? Which interventions are successful and which are not?
The results of the five sub-projects will be brought together and published in an intensive multiple exchange of expertise.

The forum theater project "Breaking the wall of silence" will deal with the "everyday" right-wing extremism in Saxony-Anhalt. The starting point for the project idea are recent developments and the ever-increasing acceptance of right-wing extremist positions. This apparent normality, with the surrounding culture of silence and the resistance against it is the starting point for our theater project.

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Miteinander e.V. carries out this project in cooperation with TheaterDialog.


"FRATT - Fighting racism through Theatre" is funded under the European Union's Fundamental rights and citizenship program.

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