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Exercises against exclusion and discrimination

Ed.: Miteinander - Netzwerk für Demokratie und Weltoffenheit in Sachsen-Anhalt e.V., Magdeburg 2007, 2nd revised edition.

Integration is a requirement for Germans and non-Germans alike, for those born in Germany as well as those born abroad. Integration calls into question what we like to think is normal. "How can we integrate ourselves into interpersonal, cultural and social contexts without forcing ourselves or others to self-sacrifice?" (Susanne Czuba-Konrad).

The handout shows exemplary exercises to tackle this topic: About dealing with prejudices. By dealing with bilingualism. By making status differences in society clear. Through exercises that address homophobia, i.e. the fear of and rejection of homosexual lifestyles.

"Integration - Exercises against Exclusion and Discrimination" aims to provide teachers, educators, trainers, social pedagogues and others working in school and independent youth work with an introduction to the topic. In particular, the handout addresses educators who work with so-called disadvantaged youth in vocational training or vocational preparation institutions, a target group for which, in our experience, there is too little suitable material.

The service section includes a glossary explaining important terms, annotated literature tips, and a collection of contact and Internet addresses.