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The non-profit association Miteinander - Netzwerk für Demokratie und Weltoffenheit in Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. (Together - Network for Democracy and Cosmopolitanism in Saxony-Anhalt) is committed to an open, plural and democratic society in Saxony-Anhalt and beyond. We work against racism, anti-Semitism and all other forms of group-based hostility towards people that lead to discrimination, exclusion and violence.

Members of the association are currently 7 institutions and 84 private individuals as well as 11 supporting members. The board of directors consists of Norbert Bischoff (chairman), Curt Stauss (deputy chairman), Susanne Wiedemeyer (treasurer), Katharina Warda (assessor) and Holger Platz (assessor).

Become a member and contribute to a democratic and open-minded society.

Notes on membership
  • You can become a member as a private person or as a legal entity, association or institution.
  • If your association or institution becomes a member, we require, in addition to the completed entry form, a certificate of the resolution of the competent body
  • Please note that membership in the association is also associated with a membership fee. The amount of the contribution is 35,00 EUR per year for private persons and 65,00 EUR for legal entities. For a supporting membership the contribution is 100 € per year for private persons and 200 € per year for legal entities.
  • The membership fee is due upon entry or on 01.01. of the respective year. You will receive further documents after admission to the association.