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You can learn to be brave

Five hurdles and ten recommendations for civil courage September 19 is Civil Courage Day throughout Germany. In many places there will be rallies and actions for more commitment against

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The East stands up

On the Semantics of the AfD in East German Election Campaigns In the state parliament election campaigns in Brandenburg, Saxony, and Thuringia, the AfD offensively refers to the "Peaceful Revolution" and

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New players - old topics

The Center for the Study of Right-Wing Extremism takes stock of 2017 In the milieu of the extreme right, a continuing process of regrouping of political actors and their communication strategies can be observed.

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Method case II for intervention possibilities in youth and social work

Method case II

In the creation of the Methodenkoffer II, proven methods from youth and social work were adapted to current needs, but also new methods were developed which

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