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Lifeworld and Right-Wing Radicalization
Advanced training offer


Further training for teachers and social work

The right-wing terrorist attack on the synagogue in Halle on October 9, 2019 left people in Halle and far beyond stunned. Since then, security authorities, politicians, and the city of Halle have been asking the question: How could this happen? At the latest since the video of the attack was shared in class chats and Whatsapp groups by young people, educators are faced with the challenge of dealing with the attack and its ideological background in schools and educational institutions. The training explores the following questions: What is the worldview behind the attack? What role do social media play in the spread of extreme right-wing ideologies? What influence do online and offline spaces have on right-wing radicalization processes? What options are there for action in educational practice?

The training is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of experienced trainers from our association. It is designed as a one-day event, but can be adapted in terms of time and topic to the respective needs on site after consultation.

If you are interested in the training, please contact us via mail at or by phone at (0345) 22 66 450.