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Appeal for donations for the Kiez Döner in Halle


The anti-Semitic, racist and misogynistic attack of 09.10.2019 in Halle is now more than a year ago. But the memories are still close. We return daily to the Kiez Döner as a place where it happened. Because for us it is still clear: The Kiez Döner remains! He must remain despite the difficult circumstances, not to let the assassin win. He must remain, for those who mourn Jana L. and Kevin S.. It must remain, as a place of work and income for the operators and employees. And it must stay as a place of solidarity.

For this reason, we want to convert the Kiez Döner: There will be a cozy breakfast café with a large wooden terrace in front of the store, with delicious breakfast buffet and space to linger. It will be a place of remembrance and encounter. A place that invites us to talk to each other.

A lot has already happened on the path of transformation in recent months. We are happy about new people who accompany and support us on this path: Plans have been made and floors have already been sanded, old wallpaper removed and the storage room re-tiled. Thanks to all those who have supported us so far with energy, building materials and money. But we are still in need of support. Materials and financial means are still missing. The money we have received so far can only cover a part, but certainly not the entire cost of the reconstruction.

We'll be updating you regularly on our Facebook account and on Instagram (@kiezdoenerluwu) in the coming months to give you glimpses of the transformation into a breakfast café.

We are happy to continue to welcome you as guests in the Kiez Döner: Come by to eat and drink. Come by to witness the steps of the transformation.

Thank you for your solidarity!

The operators of the Kiez Döner and supporters

We ask for donations to the account of the Fund for Victims of Right-Wing, Racist and Anti-Semitic Violence in Saxony-Anhalt.

Account holder: Miteinander e.V.
Purpose: Support Kiez Döner
IBAN: DE84 8102 0500 0008 4734 01
Bank for Social Economy Magdeburg