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We have the choice. Special issue for the symposium in September 2019

Social spaces that are conducive to radicalization - such as prisons or areas with particular social problems - must be strengthened through prevention work and offers to distance oneself from right-wing extremism. This is where our commitment to educational work and the prevention of radicalization has come in for many years. We draw on our 20 years of experience and expertise in the field, as well as the professional competence and high level of commitment of our employees and cooperation partners in our model projects for the prevention of radicalization - until the end of 2019, these are "Frei(T)Räume Erleben" and "RausWege". Here we also benefit from the nationwide exchange of expertise in topic-specific committees and networks as well as from the dialog with academia.

We presented the results of this intensive practice-science dialogue on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the association on September 5, 2019 at the conference "More than just going to the polls: Formats of political education in prevention and social work" in Halle and document them with this special issue of our theme booklet.

From the contents:

  • Right-wing extremism and social work
  • Radicalization prevention in social work
  • Arguing against right-wing populism
  • Preventive action. Strengthening democratic structures as part of political education
  • Inside and Outside. Formats of historical political education
  • Formats of political education in rural areas
  • Gender reflective pedagogy and right-wing extremism
  • Necessities and methods of political education in law enforcement
  • Model educational work in the context of the penal system and offender assistance